Bindu Sarovar at Sidhpur

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Bindu Sarovar, located in Sidhpur, Gujarat, is one among the Pancha Sarovar (the five major theerthas) – the other four being Manasa Sarovar (Tibet), Pushkara Sarovar (Rajasthan), Narayana Sarovar (Gujarat) and Pampa Sarovar (Karnataka). Theerthas in Hindu theology are the holy places upon the banks of rivers.

Bindu Sarovar literally means a lake of drops for it is believed that Lord Mahavishnu’s tears have fallen in this lake. There are several small temples along the bank of Bindu Sarovar belonging to Kapila Mahamuni, Sage Kardhama Prajapathi, Devahuti, Gaya Gadhadhara, Lord Shiva and other Hindu deities.

It is the only place in India where we find Hindus performing Mathru Shraaddha (propitiating the departed mothers) and is known as Mathru Gaya Kshethra.

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