Mumbai Meri Jaan

It was a rainy night and the sprinkling icy drops cleared off the entire warmth outside providing a frosty good time for me to sit back and enjoy the wonderful night, though I had some urgent works to be finished. It was then I found a folder named “Hindi Movies” in my system that I

10 Best and beautiful beaches in India

  India is a country which is truly one with nature. The hauntingly beautiful beaches spread over the vast Indian coastline is ample proof of this. Serene yet tempestuous, the Indian beaches hold a part of your soul captive. Every Indian beach is unique, some tranquil and isolated while others teem with vibrant life. A


Unrequited love against the backdrop of gorgeous contours and colours of the desert. Yashraj Films’ Lamhe brings this imagery to life with finesse. This 1991 film directed and produced by Yash Chopra is a tribute to love, passion and relationships. The story by Honey Irani is a rather unique one defying societal norms and conventions.

Guddi (1971)

Guddi is the story of a naïve school girl played by Jaya Bhaduri. She lives blissfully in a non-descript town with her family. Her small, happy world consists of her father, brother, bhabhi and, above all, day-dreams of film star Dharmendra. Besotted with Dharmendra, imagining herself as Meera to Dharmendra’s Krishna, Guddi mistakes her dreamy

Bawarchi (1972)

Would it be so strange if a cook spouted life philosophy and shared sublime thought? It would? Then all you have to do is watch Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Bawarchi. True to Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s style of storytelling, the film is set in an Indian town which could be just about anywhere. Bawarchi is a clean, light-hearted film

Buddha Mil Gaya

It doesn’t take megastars, glamour or foreign locales for a film to keep the viewer glued. Director Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Buddha Mil Gaya proves this and more. Intriguing plot, simple, endearing and earthy characters, efficient storytelling and heart-warming musical score makes this rather lesser-known Hrishida film. A strong story, simple execution yet a movie that keeps

Chupke Chupke (1975)

Allahabad based Dr Parimal Tripathi (Dharmendra), a Botany professor, is staying at a guest house at a hill station. In order to help the watchman go see his ailing grandson, he offers to cover up for him by playing the watchman for a day. Meanwhile, a bus full of Botany students arrives to study botanical


Geeta (Zarina Wahab) is the youngest of Pitambar Choudhry’s three daughters, single, child-like and carefree. Her simple village life in Madhupur involves going to school, helping her mother (Dina Pathak) with household chores and playing with her seven-year-old neighbour Deepu. Pitambar Choudhry (A.K. Hangal), popularly known as ‘Masterji’, is the headmaster of the village school.