Memories of Munnar

I hardly had any excitement when I got the very first chance to be in the mesmerizing land of Munnar, a perfect gateway for nature enthusiasts. It is not because I hate Munnar, but I was too juvenile to realize and grab the eternal beauty of this blissful land. It was just a name for me then. But still, I remember some short glimpses of the hilly terrains and lush green mountains that I photographed with my eyes during my first journey to Munnar. Yes, it was a nice journey indeed that didn’t last long in my memories except some blurry visuals. Fifteen years after my first trip to Munnar, I found myself wanting to be in there again to have a rather different and unique experience. Hence I started off with my friends to the land of Neelakurinjis, to fall in love with nature…

As expected, the snake roads made me feel dizzy, but the thrill of being 6000 ft above sea level made me feel excited as well. The lush greenery on either side on the way to this tremendously gifted land reminded me of some evergreen Malayalam film songs shot here. I hummed one of my favourite songs and my friends too joined to complete the song as if they never wanted my solo singing performance. Singing and singing, we finally reached a spot where the weather was as cool as before and where the fog passed over us through which we got the glimpse of women plucking tea from the green tea gardens, indicating that we have reached at last. Yes, we touched the majestic Munnar.

One of the most sought after destinations, Munnar offers several resorts and hotels. We opted for a resort overlooking the valley encompassed by the misty mountains. It was really a perfect spot to sit back and enjoy the splendour of the snow clad mountains. We had a great overnight stay at the resort, which we enjoyed at its best.

Is it raining? One of my friends asked when we just reached a hill top next morning. From the tip of that mountain we could see nothing other than the gorgeously passing white fluff of clouds. … I wondered as I was really expecting the chill of the rain even though the climate was too nippy. However, the rain didn’t last long. It went away pouring down some ice-cold drops on us. Despite wearing jackets, the cool breeze penetrated through them and it was ample enough to make us quiver amidst that vast green and serene mountains.

In Munnar what made me so excited was none other than the striking Top Station. It not only offers a panoramic view of the rolling tea plantations, but is the highest point where you feel like in another world. The beauty of this place is beyond words. It is truly a nature built heaven from where you get to see passing clouds just near you. It was an amazing experience to sit back in tented settlements and to get the glimpse of white feathery clouds.

Finally we said goodbye to Munnar, but for the time being. We have already planned the next visit to this serene destination as we realized that a single journey to Munnar is not enough. We need to visit here again and again.



  1. By Bhadra


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