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Kanchenjungha, film by Satyajit Ray presents a story in a hill station at the base of mount Kanchenjungha

The film Kanchenjungha was created in 1962 in the Bengali language, West Bengal, India. This film features subtitles, and was directed by Satyajit Ray.

The story revolves around a wealthy Calcutta family during their last day of vacation in Darjeeling; a hill station at the base of Mount Kanchenjungha. The family is run by the industrialist father who wants his daughter to marry a man he chooses and hopes that he will propose if they are left alone for a long period of time. Due to the appearance of an appealing new outsider by the name Ashoke, his daughter refuses the other suitor’s proposal.

Wonderful performances are given by Chhabi Biswas as Indranath Roy, Karuna Banerjee as Labanya, Anil Chatterjee as Anil, Alaknanda Roy as Monisha, Anubha Gupta as Anima, Arun Mukherjee as Ashoke, Subrata Sen as Sankar, Sibani Singh as Tuklu, Vidya Sinha as Anil's girlfriend, Pahari Sanyal as Jagadish, and N. Viswanathan as Banerjee.

Credits for production of the film are given to NCA Productions Satyajit Ray for Direction and composition of the screenplay and film soundtrack, Subrata Mitra for cinematography, Dulal Dutta for editing, Bansi Chandragupta for Art Direction and Durgadas Mitra for sound production.