Hindu-Muslim divide, British target

But Winston Churchill, the new Prime Minister was in no mood to give any concession to India and its leaders. He said he had become the Prime Minister not to preside over the liquidation of the British Empire. And Britain declared that India would be a party to the war efforts of the Empire.

In the meanwhile the government recognized the Muslim League as the authoritative representative of the Muslims in India. It was evident that the British government was trying to win over the support of the Muslims, and also to divide the Hindus and the Muslims further and to drive a wedge in to the fragile relationship between the Muslim League and the Congress.

It was a set back to Gandhi and his ideals of truth, tolerance and non-violence. It was in this murky atmosphere that the Congress directed all its ministers to resign their positions.

The Muslim League in turn argued that the Congress ministries were utter failures, and they never cared for the unity of India and that a new constitution for India is the need of the time and for that the League should not be kept out from any confabulation for constituting a new structure for India’s administration.