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Raja's Tomb or Gaddige at Madikeri, Coorg

Raja’s Tomb, also known as Gaddige is one of the major attractions in Madikeri, the picturesque headquarters of the district of Coorg in Karnataka state, India.

Gaddige, the mausoleums of the former kings of Kodagu, is built in Indo-Sarcenic style of architecture and has three tombs. Located in the northern extremity of Madikeri, the first tomb was built in 1809 after the death of Doddaveerarajendra and the other of Lingarajendra built in 1821. And the small tomb built in 1834 is dedicated to their guru or royal priest Rudrappa or Rudramuniswamy.

How to reach:-
Nearest Railway station: Hassan Railway Station, around 105 km
Nearest Airport: Mysore Airport, around 128 km

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