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  • 02:42
This is a light moment from a place near Chennai (formerly Madras), Tamil Nadu state of India. A naughty monkey wants to ride on a goat, which was busy with its kids. After many tries, the monkey ...
  • 00:36
This baby elephant is an inmate of an ‘elephant school’ located at Kodanad, a village on the banks of the River Periyar in Ernakulam district of Kerala. In the olden days, before ...
  • 00:47
Some skills are innate, while others are acquired. Featuring in this video is an elegant cockerel from a rural household in the village of Mannar in Kerala, trying to catch the attention of FIFA ...
  • 01:22
Out of the many animal forms revered in India, monkeys have a special place. They are seen as representations of Hanuman, the legendary monkey God and a loyal confidante of Lord Rama. Being so, ...
  • 02:18
Carrying one’s better-half on shoulder and win a race would be a novel way to start the New Year; and of course yet another opportunity to underscore mutual love. And it proved to be so, during ...
  • 01:06
Almost everywhere in the world the sight of a cat will send a dog into a frenzy of killer instinct. But look at this video, its one of those rare instances of peaceful co-existence between a dog and ...
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  • 00:30
Rajapalayam is a town situated 85 km away from Madurai, the temple town in Tamilnadu state of India. The main business activity in this place is cotton marketing. Another major attraction of this ...
  • 01:00
Here is a young man who tries adventure sports out of passion. But passion landed Rajith Rameshan (19 years), a resident of Alappuzha district, Kerala in trouble along with his friends who directed ...
  • 00:45
This is a quite funny video, which portrays the futile attempt of a dog to catch the monkeys who are making fun of him. The dog tries its best to catch the monkeys but fails in its attempts. But what ...
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