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Amaralingeswara temple at Amaravathi

Popularly known as Amareswara temple, the holy shrine of Amaralingeswara is situated at Amaravathi in Andhra Pradesh state, India. The temple is situated in a spot by the River Krishna where it takes a north-to-south course from its main flow from west to east.

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple enshrines a 15 feet high white marble Shiva Linga. Made in typical Dravidian architectural style, the temple walls have lot of inscriptions about the then reigning rulers at Amaravathi, mostly of Satavahanas and Vijayanagara dynasties. The main festival of the temple is Mahashivarathri (Feb/March).

Amaravathi, situated on the banks of River Krishna, is an ancient site famous for its 2000 year old Buddhist settlements and monuments. The Great Stupa of Amaravathi is the major attraction here. The town of Amaravathi is accessible from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.