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Madan Kamdev Temple of Assam

Known as the Khajuraho of Assam, the Madan Kamdev temple in Guwahati is a shrine dedicated to Lord Kamdev (God of Love in Hindu mythology). It is situated south-east of Baihata Chariali on the Guwahati National Highway. The partly ruined sculptures here depict the love story of Kamdev and his wife Rati.

According to the legend it is here(once known as the Kamrupa) that Shiva God of destruction in Hindu mythology) burnt Kamdev into ashes with his wrathful third eye. One school believes that it is on this hillock the Kama or Madan (God of Love) was reborn and united with his consort Rati.

Assamese archaeological experts say that the temple ruins of Madan Kamdev belong to the tenth to twelfth centuries  AD, when the Pala dynasty ruled Kamrupa. The name of this temple is also mentioned in British Captain Delton’s article in the journal Asiatic Society of Bengal (1855).