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Umananda temple

The Shiva temple of Umananda is situated in the Peacock Island (Umananda Island) in the middle of river Brahmaputra in Assam. This hillock- island near Guwahati is also known as Bhasmachal or the hill of ashes. Built in the 17th century by an Ahom king the temple has some fine rock cut figures.

According to the legend it is here on thishill that Lord Shiva (one of the most prominent deities of Hinduism) burnt Kamdev (God of Love) into ashes with his wrathful third eye, when Kamdev and his wife Rati tried to disturb Lord Shiva in his deep meditation. A large number of devotees is attracted to the temple, especially on the occasion of the annual Shivaratri festival.

The Umananda temple can be reached by crossing the river via country boats plying from Kacheri Ghat in Guwahati.