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Abhyanga Snana or Oil Massage in Panchakarma, Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the ancient medical wisdom is one of the proud contributions of India to the world. The word Ayurveda first appears in the Samhitas or compendiums. In Sanskrit, Ayur means ‘pertaining to life’ and Veda is ‘science’ or ‘wisdom’.

Abhyanga Snana or medicated oil massage belongs to the Purvakarma or the preparatory measures for Panchakarma treatment. The patient is made to lie on a droni (wooden bed) and medicated oil is applied all over the body by two efficient therapists. They work in tandom, synchronizing their strokes and massages according to the circulatory and marma points.

There are seven standard positions in applying the oil. They are palm, foot, navel, abdomen area, lying sidewise, lying face down and sitting upright. Detoxifying sesame oils are chosen according to one’s illness.