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Arogya Vihar - Ancient Remains of Pataliputra

Located at Kumrahar about six kms east of Patna railway station in Bihar, India, the archaeological remains of ancient Pataliputra is an ideal place to be visited. Known by various names, Pataliputra was a small village where Buddha, a spiritual teacher found a fort being constructed under the orders of King Ajatasatru of Rajagriha for defence of Magadh kingdom against the Lichchavi republic of Vaisali.

The beauty of this place was beyond words and hence king Udayin, son and successor of Ajatasatru, changed the capital of Magadh from Rajgrih to Pataliputra in the middle of 5th Century B.C. Featured in this video is Arogya Vihara or hospital-cum-monastery, a site found during an excavation at this Pataliputra.

Various brick structures of Gupta period were also unearthed during such excavations. Arogya Vihara was identified on the basis of an inscribed terracotta sealing that was discovered from the spot which bears the inscription reading 'Sri Arogya Vihare Bhikshusanghasya'.

Along with other discoveries, a small red potsherd was also found with the word 'Dhanvantareh', which refers to the name or the title of the presiding physician of Arogya Vihar.

How to reach:-
Nearest Railway station: Patna Railway Station, via Chiraiyatand Flyover, around 6 km
Nearest Airport: Patna Airport, via Chiraiyatand Flyover, around 12 km