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Aadmi - 1939

V. Shantaram’s films are always cast in the furnace of social problems. Aadmi released in the year 1939 deals with the issue of sex workers, its morality and social acceptance. The narrative forwards through the life of a simple-minded policeman who tries to give social acceptance to the life of an innocent sex worker by marrying her. Despite his sincere efforts he is unable to fulfill his wish for the society in which they live is reluctant to forget and forgive her for her undesirable past.

Originally produced in Marathi as Manoos the film was widely appreciated by the audience world wide. After watching the Marathi film Charlie Chaplin praised Shantaram for his great endeavor. Shantaram’s depiction of the life of the policeman and that of the
prostitute fascinate us with the gleam of realism.

Music was done by Master Krishnarao and the cast includes Shahu Modak, Shanta Hublikar, Bai Sundrabai, Ram Marathe, Master Chotu, Buasaheb and Gauri.