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Achhoot Kanya - 1936

Achhoot Kanya released in 1936 was produced by “Bombay Talkies” and directed by Franz Osten. Music by Saraswathi Devi.

Tragic love story of a Harijan girl and a Brahmin youth. The film focused on untouchability and injustice towards Harijans. Probably for the first time, thus “flash back” technique is adapted in narrating the story.

Ashok Kumar and Devika Rani in the lead roles. Both sang in their own voice. A musical hit. The perennial duet “Mein Ban ki chidiya…” becoming a model of romantic duets.

It is claimed that playback singing was introduced in this film. A song by the composer herself “ki gaye who…” was picturised as a playback number. In “Dhoop Chaon”, the playback singing was in a chorus, where singing stars also sing. But in Achhoot Kanya, it is a solo. Music companies like HMV give credit to Achhoot Kanya for introducing playback singing.