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Amar- 1954

Released in 1954, the Bollywood film Amar is yet another classic film from the director Mehboob Khan. The film is noted for its fine cast, absolutely stunning music, dazzling cinematography, detailed sets and costumes.

A psychological drama, the film explores three-way relationship between the main characters. Amarnath (Dilip Kumar) is a well-respected lawyer, in love with and engaged to an educated, socially-conscious young woman Anju (Madhubala), in a weak moment rapes a poor local village milkmaid, Sonia (Nimmi) is the main thread of the story.

The music done by Naushad for the film Amar was truly excellent. Songs like "Insaaf ka mandir hai yeh bhagwan ka ghar hai," "Jaanewaale se mulaaqaat na hone paayi,” and "Oodi oodi chhayi ghata jiya lehraay,” from this film are remembered for ever.