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Ayodhya Ka Raja -1932

Produced by Prabhat Film Co. and directed by V. Shantaram, Ayodhya Ka Raja was made in Marathi and Hindi simultaneously. Music by Govindrao Tembe, this was the first sound film in Marathi and was a musical hit.

The film tells the story of the noble king Harischandra. Govindrao Tembe, Durga Khote in the lead role.

Splendid sets in plaster designed by Fatehlal was high point of the film. Miracle scenes, flying figures etc. mandatory to a mythological were well shot. There was an attempt at the realistic idiom in the scenes where the king and the queen trying to earn their livelihood etc.

Durga Khote excelled in her role. One of the best version of the Harischandra tale on the screen.