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Chandidas -1934

Produced by New Theatres, Calcutta and directed by Nitin Bose.

The film, Chandidas, was remake of the film of same title produced by New Theatres itself and directed by Debaki Bose in 1932.

The story, a Bengali legend is the love between a 15th century Bengali saint Chandidas and a low caste washer woman. K. L. Saigal as the Vaishnavite saint and Uma Sashi as the washer woman.

A hard blow to the cast discrimination. The film was an all time musical hit. All the songs became hits. Music by Raichand Boral.

This was the first box office hit of New Theatres in Hindi.

It was in this film that a full pledged orchestra was used successfully for the first time. Being sound and picture recorded on the same film track while shooting orchestra was always limited to few of the musical instruments.