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Dard - 1947

There are ever so many films in Bollywood that became super hit, not with the presence of any star actors or spellbinding story and action, but with some captivating songs that went on to entrance the hearts of audience all over the world.

Dard released in the year 1947 is one such film that had successful run in the silver screens with the merit of its songs. Thanks for the superb composition by Naushad the film became a big musical hit and the success launched Naushad to new heights. Songs like"Hum dard ka afasana duniya ko suna denge" are still cherished by many. The film featured the song “Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon” by Tun Tun (Uma Devi Khatri), the first female comedian of Hindi cinema. Lyrics were written by Shakil Badayuni.

Directed by Abdul Rashid Kardar the film has Shyam Kumar, Nusrat, Munawar Sultana, Surayya and Pratima Devi appearing in lead roles.