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Do Bigha Zamin - 1953

Do Bigha Zamin is a Bimal Roy classic released in the year 1953. Starring Balraj Sahni and Nirupama Roy, the film is based on a story written by Salil Chowdhury. Noted for its socialist theme the film deals with issues like industrialization of agricultural land for building factories, exploitation of farmers by money lenders and the hardships of rickshaw pullers in the metros.

The music was composed by Salilda himself and includes songs like "Aaja ri aa nindiya tu aa," "Dharti kahe pukaar ke," and "Hariyaala saawan dhol bajaata aaya." Meena Kumari appeared in a cameo role in one of the songs of this movie. The movie was one of the early parallel cinemas of India and won the International Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.