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Gopal Krishna - 1938

Based on the life of Lord Krishna, the film Gopal Krishna is noted for the use of stylish sets, costumes and lively music. One of the notable features of this film is that Lord Krishna has been portrayed as a normal man other than a mythological character. A social drama from Prabhat films, the film evoked lot of anti-British thoughts.

Considered as a film of social reformation, the evil character Kamsa has been portrayed as an epitome of British rule and Krishna and cowherds as Indians. Besides the mountain lifting scene, the film doesn’t have any miracle incidents as in mythology. The film has also been successful in creating the picture of Lord Krishna’s rural environment and his cowherd companions.

A Prabhat Films production, Gopal Krishna released in 1938 was directed by Vishnupant Govind Damle and Sheikh Fatelal. Appreciated for its lively music by Master Krishnarao, famous songs from Gopal Krishna are Mata gau hamari Gujjariya and Kanha sabko mohe.

Ram Marathe and Shante Apte did the lead roles in the film. The film was also made in Marathi language with same title.

Behind the scenes:
One of the interesting stories behind the making of Gopal Krishna is that, to create real Vrindavan hundreds of cows for shooting had been taken for Dombivli (a sub urban in Mumbai) to Pune via train.