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Hatimtai - 1956

Hatim Tai was a famous Arabian poet who belonged to the Ta'i Arabian tribe. There are various stories associated with the extreme generosity of Hatim that made him an iconic figure in Arabian tales.

Several books, TV serial and films were made based on the story of Hatim Tai. Almost six films were made since 1929 about Hatim Tai and this 1956 version is the most memorable among them. Directed by Homi Wadia, the movie narrates one of the stories associated with Hatim Tai in which he saves an angel from a curse fell on her. Music was composed by S.N Thripathi. Jairaj and Shakeela appeared in the lead roles. Special effects were another attraction of the movie.

The Nizam of Hyderabad went to watch this movie and he was fascinated by the devotional song Paravas Digore Aalam written by Akhbar Romani sung by Mohammed Raphi. He asked to stop the movie and the song was repeated several times on his order. This became big news that time.