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Jagriti - 1954

Jagriti released in 1954 is an unforgettable classic directed by Satyen Bose. The film is said to be one of the best Indian films that depicts a teacher-pupil relationship.

The story of the film is simple; Ajay (Raj Kumar Gupta) is a spoiled rich kid who is packed off to a boarding school. Shekhar (Abhi Bhattacharya), who plays the role of a visionary school teacher, is known to adopt some unorthodox methods to make education interesting. The film narrates the undulations that happen in the relationship between the teacher and student.

Music by Hemant Kumar and lyrics by Pradeep, an acknowledged poet, the film is known for its classic patriotic songs. Songs like “ Aao Bachhon Tumhen Dikhaayen Jhanki Hindustan Ki”, “De Di Hamein Azaadi,” and “Chalo Chalen Ma,” from this film are some of the finest patriotic songs in Indian cinema.