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Lahore -1949

Partition has been a significant subject for very many novels and other forms of fiction so much so that there emerged a new genre in literature by name partition literature.

In this episode we have a celluloid response to the same subject from the renowned director M.L Anand. Lahore released in the year 1949 deals with the subject of partition, the ethnic violence and the abduction of women that was common during that time. It is one of the early and significant celluloid take on the issue. A melodramatic romance the film presents the pathetic plight of lovers during the time of partition. Nargis, Karan Dewan, Om Prakash and Pratima Devi appear in the lead roles.

The film also features some fabulous songs like Duniya Humare Pyar, Toote Hue Armanon, Sun Lo Sajan Meri, Duniya To Yeh Kahti, Woh Rota Hua Ek Dil, and Us Dil Ki Kismat Kya. Lata Mangeshkar’s soothing voice breathed life to the excellent notes composed Shyam Sundar.