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Padatik, a film by Mrinal Sen

Padatik or The Guerrilla Fighter was released in 1973. This film’s primary language is Bengali, West Bengal, India and is 100 minutes in length. This film was originally written for the screen by Mrinal Sen and Ashish Burman.

This Indian Cinema recalls Mrinal Sen's Marxist roots, and is the second film of what turned out to be his Calcutta Trilogy. A political activist escapes from a prison van and finds refuge in the posh apartment of a woman who is separated from her husband. Both are ironically frustrated by the government in their own way. He is frustrated by the oppression by the leadership of his own leftist political party, and she by social injustices perpetrated by her own social class. Being filmed at a time when criticism of government leadership was strongly discouraged, the conversations were introspective and full of self-criticism. His overtures are rejected when the activist mistakes the woman's kindness for affection. In the end he learns of his mother's illness and he returns to his parent's home to assist her.

Playing the role of the activist was Dhritiman Chatterjee. The woman who shelters him was played by Simi Garewal.

This film was directed by Mrinal Sen, and the screenplay co-written with Ashish Burman. Cinematographer was K. K. Mahajan.

Some awards include (but are not limited to): 
         Silver Lotus Award Best Screenwriter – Mrinal Sen 1974 
          Silver Lotus Award Best Screenplay – Ashish Burman 1974