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Padosi - 1941

Padosi released in the year 1941 is one of the major films of V. Shantaram, the master-director of 1930s. With a didactic tone Shantaram tells the tale of Hindu-Muslim unity. It self-consciously addressed the theme of communal harmony in India and harshly criticized the British policy of divide and rule.

The film (Shejari in Marathi), a social drama, revolves around the relationship of two neighbours (Padosi) one Hindu and another Muslim whom the villagers consider as their guardians. An industrialist comes to the village to build a dam against which was opposed by the guardians. The industrialist works out a plan to separate the two and he succeeds in his venture. The film concludes with the reunion of the neighbours as the giant dam collapse and eventually they die in each others hands.

Written by Vishram Bedekar, Music by Master Krishnarao, produced by Prabhat Films, the film stars Mazhar Khan, Gajanan Jagirdar and Anees Khatoon. The colourful torch dance and the romantic interludes make the film all the more beautiful. The climax scene of this pre-independence film in which the dam collapses stands testimony to the director’s craftsmanship and his inimitable excellence in realistic presentation.