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Pukar - 1939

Pukar, directed and produced by Soharab Modi and released in the year 1939, discusses the extraordinary sense of justness and impartiality shown by the Mughal Emperor Jehangir. Story set at the court of the Jehangir shows how the emperor maintains his integrity even when challenged by adverse conditions.

Jehangir’s belief that law knows no class distinction is tested when a washerwoman accuses empress Noorjehan of killing her husband. Callously Jehangir offers himself to be killed by the washerwoman who forgives him later.

The movie with its historical background is characteristic of Sohrab Modi production. Written by Kamal Amrohi, Vishnupant Aundhkar and S. Ameer Hyder, Pukar is credited as one of the earliest Muslim social films. Lead cast includes Chandramohan, Sohrab Modi and Naseen Banu. While the music was composed by S. Fernandes and Mir Saheb the frames were composed by Y. D. Sarpotdar. Editing was handled by A. K. Chaterji and D. Shirdhankar.