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Shahjehan -1946

Historical films of emperors and kings have always been a fascination for both the directors and audience of Bollywood. Shahjehan released in the year 1946 belongs to this genre that pivots around the story of Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan who built the monumental Taj as a symbol of love for his wife Mumtaz. The film features K.L. Saigal Ragini Rehman and Mohammad Afzal in lead roles.

The film directed by Abdul Rashid Kardar was noted more for its enticing music composed by Naushad and for the presence of legends like K.L. Saigal and Muhammad Rafi. The lyrics, slipped out of the pen of Majrooh Sultanpuri, became immensely popular so much so that Saigal wanted the song Jab Dil Hi Toot Gaya to be played at his funeral.