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Shakuntala- 1943

The beginning of the 1940s was a crisis period for the legendary director V. Shantaram. He left Prabhat Studios to start a new production company of his own. Shakuntala (1943), an adaptation of Abhijñānaśākuntalam written by the classic Sanskrit dramatist Kalidasa, was the inaugural film of the new production company Rajkamal. The films success helped its director to prevail over his predicament.

The narrative depicts the tribulations encountered in the relationship between Shakuntala, an adopted daughter of a sage and king Dushyanta. Lead roles were played by Jayashree, Chandra Mohan and Kumar Ganesh. Music was composed by Vasant Desai scored music for a good number of Shantaram's films.

In the same year Shantaram married Jayashree who did the title role in Shakuntala. The film was appreciated worldwide.