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Uran Khatola- 1955

Uran Khatola 1955
Directed by S U Sunny and produced by music director Naushad, Uran Khatola is a 1955 Hindi movie that stars Dilip Kumar, Nimmi, Jeevan and Tun Tun. The film has some good songs penned by Shakeel Badayuni.

Kashi, played by Dilip Kumar reaches a strange and mysterious island in a plane crash. Raj Rani (Surya Kumari) - the woman, who rules the isolated city, is an adamant devotee of Sanga, their God. Kashi is rescued by the gorgeous Soni, a servant maid who later falls in love with him. But when Raj Rani finds Kashi attractive and charming, falls in love with him and invites him to stay with her and sing songs for her. As Kashi and Soni handed over their hearts, they began to meet secretly with Soni disguised as a man, Shibu. What happens next is the most interesting part of the story.