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Vidyapati - 1937

Directed by Debaki Bose, starring Pahadi Sanyal, Prithviraj Kapoor and Kanan Devi in lead roles, Vidyapati a 1937 Hindi film that tells the story of Maithili poet and Vaishnava saint Vidyapati (played by Pahadi Sanyal) who lived in the fourth/fifth century.

The script written by Qazi Nazrul Islam concentrates more on the love triangle between the king Shiv Singh, Queen Laxmi (Chhaya Devi) and the poet. The narrative relies heavily on the Vidayapati’s poetry and concentrates more on music and song.

Popular songs from the film are Gokul Se Gaye Girdhari and Panghat Pe Kanhaiya Aata Hai and the music was composed by R.C. Boral. K C Dey, Kidar Sharma and Leela Desai were also part of the cast.