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Colourful Bengali Handloom Sarees

Video shows  the stall for famous Bengali sarees in the Surajkund Crafts Mela, in Haryana, India. This annual fair is one of the largest festivals which features traditional Indian handicraft and handloom items. The fair is conducted by Haryana Tourism.

Indian handloom fabrics have been well-known since ancient times. West Bengal is famous for its handloom sarees (the traditional Indian dress) and has a fabulous weaving technique. The Daccai, traditional Bengali saree, is popular worldwide. Like silk, cotton sarees are also woven in a fascinating and exquisite range. The Daccai ‘Jamdani’ is a fabric on which the designs are raised in inimitable style.

Handloom weaving still remains the livelihood in rural Bengal. Shantipur in Nadia; Begumpur, Rajbalhat and Dhanekhali in Hooghly; Kenjekura in Bankura; Fulia, Guptipara and Samudragarh in Nadia and Burdwan are the homes of these legendary weavers.