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Bengali Terracotta in the Crafts fair

These fine terracotta artistic pieces are from West Bengal and are exhibited at Surajkund Crafts Fair, Haryana. In the fair, West Bengal had built its gate in the style of its wonderful terracotta monuments in Vishnupur. Terracotta literally means ‘baked earth’.

The terracotta Bankura horse of Bengali is quite famous. The source for these artifacts is the rich, alluvial clay found in Bengal’s rivers. These are shaped and fired in simple kilns. Later articles like pots, containers, plates for food to toys and ritual figurines are made out of this. In West Bengal, Vishnupur is famous for its beautiful terracotta temples and artifacts.

This fair is a rare place where one can experience India’s finest handlooms and handicrafts traditions. It is located just beyond the Delhi-Haryana border. Since this event is held annually, it may not be possible to include in your regular travel plan.