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Expressions of a lovelorn by Kalanidhi Narayanan

Kalanidhi Narayanan gives expression to Kalahantarita Nayika or one who is separated by quarrel in the song - Manini nina venda mandabudhi thonne. This video forms part of an interview given by her to Pali Chandra, a noted Kathak dancer from India. Saranya, a disciple of Kalanidhi is assisting her in this interview.

Kalahantarita Nayika or heroine, first insults her lover and then repents after he goes away.  In such performances, the husband or lover is usually depicted as one who leaves the heroine disheartened.

Kalanidhi Narayanan is a renowned classical dancer and also a teacher. She is adept in the abhinaya (acting) aspect of Bharatanatyam, which is one of the popular classical dance forms of India.