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Dilli Haat - The Shoppers' Paradise

Dilli Haat is one of the major shopping hubs in the country is situated opposite the INA market and is a Delhi Tourism undertaking. It is a well designed open market place and has been visualized as a showpiece of Indian culture. Here one can find a synthesis of crafts, food and cultural activity.

The word ‘haat’ denotes an informal weekly market or bazaar that is held in the rural areas of India. Open on every day of the week, visitors can purchase authentic crafts from all parts of the country and can indulge their taste buds with the cuisine of each state. Shops from different states are changed every two months.

The video shows the food stalls and crafts stalls of Dilli Haat. Here one can see the crafts shops for puppetry from Rajasthan, Aranmula mirror from Kerala, handloom products from Haryana, and products from Gujarat.