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Delhi's Garden of Five Senses thrills and inspires

Gardens can heal, awe and inspire, or just make us happy. Spread over 20 acres, the spectacular Garden of Five Senses in Said-Ul-Azaib village, close to the Mehrauli heritage area in New Delhi, does this and more. This garden, designed by architect Pradeep Sachdeva, is created to stimulate our five senses and also doubles up as a venue for cultural events all year round.

Developed by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation, the garden gives people an exciting and green space to socialize and unwind, also giving the city an added oomph.

The Garden has several fun sculpted and natural features; huge rocks silhouetted against the sky, stainless-steel birds “in flight”, a plaza set on the natural slope of the site, a herd of stone elephants enjoying a bath, pools of water lilies, herb gardens and a solar energy park.