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Purana Qila - Old Fort Delhi

There is something wonderful about having such an accessible piece of history in the capital city. Built on the site of the most ancient of the numerous cities of Delhi, Indraprastha, the massive gateway and walls of Purana Qila were built by Afghan ruler Humayun as he laid the foundation for the new capital, Dinpanah. The work was carried forward by Sher Shah Suri, who displaced Humayun. The Old Fort or the Purana Qila, also known as the 'Qila-i-kuhna masjid' was built by Sher Shah Suri in 1541.

Purana Qila, made up of red sandstone with contrast of marbles, is roughly rectangular in shape with a circuit of nearly two kilometers. The thick ramparts have three gateways provided with bastions on either side. It was surrounded by a wide moat, connected to river Yamuna, which used to flow on the east of the fort. The northern gate way, called the Talaqui darwaza or the forbidden gateway, combines the typically Islamic pointed arch with Hindu Chhatris and brackets; whereas the southern gateway called the Humayun Darwaza also had a similar plan.

Old Fort at Delhi is a perfect example of Lodi style of architecture in Delhi; a blend of Hindu elements with the Muslim style of arches and domes. Visitors can enjoy boating and sound and light show at Purana Qila.

Travel Information and Timings
Visiting Hours: Sunrise to sunset (Mondays Closed)
Entry Fees: Rs. 5 (Indians), Rs. 100 (foreigners)
Children below 15 years of age are allowed free entry.
Song & Light Show: Rs. 20 per person
Boating: Rs. 20 per person for every 15 minutes is charged for boating in lake adjoining fort.

Getting there:-
Nearest railway station
: New Delhi Railway station, via Kasturba Gandhi Marg, about 6 km
Nearest airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport, via National Highway 8, about 16 km