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On the way to Rashtrapathi Bhavan

New Delhi the capital city of India offers a lot to explore. On the heights of Raisina Hill – the administrative centre is Rashtrapathi Bhavan, the official residence of the President of India. The Rashtrapathi Bhavan, originally the House of Viceroy of India, is one of the most spectacular symbols of the British Empire in India.

This imposing structure was designed by Edwin Lutyens and is a magnificent work of architecture befitting the capital of India. Completed in 1929 to serve as viceroy’s residence the building is a blend of Mughal and Western architectural styles, the most important Indian feature is the huge copper dome. This magnificent structure has 340 rooms connected by 1.2 miles of arcaded corridors.

The Rashtrapathi Bhavan is situated at the west end of the Parliament street. One cannot enter the Rashtrapathi Bhavan without permission. One will need a letter of introduction from the embassy and permits to visit the Bhavan can be obtained from the reception office on Raisina Road.

The lovely Mughal Gardens occupying 130 hectares is lying to the west and are home to numerous flower species and exotic roses. It is open to the public in February. It is considered to be the crowning glory of the Rashtrapathi Bhavan.