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Caught in a glance- Red Fort

The video gives the details of beautiful buildings and splendid palaces inside the Lal Qila or Red Fort.

Within the remnants of a sturdy defensive wall of red sand stone is an amazing Fort of Mughal Style. Lal Qila built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan houses the beautiful Moti Masjid, the Hall of Public and Private Audience, the Rang Mahal (Painted House), the Khas Mahal and the bathroom set Hammam.

India has a rich architectural background and Delhi, the capital of India, ranks as one of the most ancient and historic cities of India. It has been the capital of mighty empires and powerful kingdoms.

Here one can find lofty towers, stately palaces, grand mosques and temples; splendid mausoleum and majestic forts have excited the wonder of the world. Red Fort one of the magnificent palaces of the world is in New Delhi.