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Chilappol..Chilar.. - Malayalam Short film

Chilappol Chilar (Sometimes Some people) is about an incident in the life of four friends who stays together in a flat. The story evolves in a day and night just prior to the Christmas eve.

Future Cinema Presents
Chilappol..Chilar. (Some times..Some people.)
Direction: Ritwik Baiju
Story Screenplay Dialogues: MC Jithin &Libin TB
Cinematography : Alex J Pulickal
Editing : Amjad Hassan & Appu Bhattathiri
Music : Sidhartha Pradeep
Sound Design : Anand Babu
Designs : Gireesh VC
Cast : Paul Mathew,Rinosh George,Kevin Varghese ,Sujith Anak,Biju
Genre: Thriller/Drama