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Kuchipudi by Manju Bharggavee

Kuchipudi is the classical dance form native to the Southern state of Andhra Pradesh and it gets its name from Kuchelapuram, a small village near Vijayawada. The dance is featured by its narrative and dramatic character and graceful movements.

The art form owes its origin to Siddhendra Yogi, who is supposed to have introduced this dance form based on the principles of Natya Sasthra by Sage Bharata. Members of Brahmin community were the prominent performers of this dance form in its initial phases of development.

The dance traditionally begins with some stage rites. It is mostly the Carnatic music that accompanies the dance and mridangam, (a southern Indian percussion), violin, flute and tambura (a drone instrument) add musical accompaniment. The artists wear ornaments made of a light weight wood.

The 20 th century has been a crucial age in the history of Kuchipudi since the art form saw many developments- the entry of women in the performance, widening of the social base of the dance, emergence of the present day dance drama and solo repertoire, and the institutionalization of its training.

In the video, it is Manju Bharggavee, the versatile Kuchipudi dancer, performing. She is the disciple of renowned Guru Vempatti Chinna Sathyam and has given many renditions nationally and internationally. She is also the founder of Sri Padmavati Kala Niketan, an institution to promote this art form.