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Kathakali the splendour of Kerala

Kathakali is a classical dance-drama of Kerala, noted for its elaborate make-up and usage of sign language for performance. This video has an excerpt from a Kathakali performance based on the story of Narakasuravadham (the killing of Narakasura). In this play, Margi Vijayakumar enacts Lalitha with Margi Murali as Nakrathundi.

The performance revolves around the story of Narakasura, a vicious demon and Jayantha, the valorous son of Indra (King of Gods). Nakrathundi, Narakasura’s sister gets attracted to Jayantha and approaches him in the guise of Lalitha, a beautiful woman. Jayantha rejects her love and the disappointed demoness shows her true form and attacks him. He injures her and a shocked Narakasura vows to take revenge, only to find himself punished for his wrongs.