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Kani Kanunneram, Vishu Video Greetings

Vishu, a festive occasion celebrated in Kerala in South India, marks the beginning of the agriculture calendar in Kerala. The festival that comes in the Malayalam month of Medam (April to May) has significance for Kerala’s agricultural practices. As per Indian astrology, on the auspicious day of Vishu, the Sun transits from Meenam zodiac to Medam. This festival is similar to Bihu, the festival celebrated in Assam. It is known by different names and is celebrated in other parts of India too.

This video features Vishukkani, the most important of traditions and the main highlight on the Vishu day. It literally means viewing of auspicious objects, placed in front of an image or idol of Lord Krishna in households. The Vishukkani should be sighted as the first thing as soon as one gets up in the morning on the Vishu day.

The song that goes in the background of this video is a traditional devotional song in Malayalam, praising Lord Krishna, sung jointly by Dr. Deepti Omchery Bhalla, Mohiniyattam dancer and singer and Rajashree Warrier, Bharatanatyam dancer and singer.

It is believed that the first thing that you would see on the Vishu morning decides the good fortune for the upcoming year. For this to happen, the Vishukkani is arranged by making use of auspicious objects like rice grains, fruits, fresh linen, gold, coconut, konna flowers and metal mirror on a sparkling bell metal pan in front of an image of Lord Krishna on the day prior to Vishu. A wick lamp (nilavilakku) will also be lighted.

Kani Kaanal (beholding the auspicious) takes place in houses on Vishu morning. After sighting the Vishukkani either at households or in temples, people pray and seek blessings to have a new year as auspicious and plentiful as the Vishukkani.

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