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Sir Aurobindo Niwas, Baroda

Featured in this video is a bungalow where Maharshi Aurabindo Ghosh lived from 1894 to 1906. Now the state government has preserved this as memorial to the great philosopher popularly known as Sir Aurobindo Niwas or Aurobindo Ghosh Memorial.

Aurobindo Ghosh worked as English professor and Vice Principal of Baroda College. He also worked as the Private Secretary to His Highness Sayajirao III. Located in Vadodara or Baroda, this is a huge bungalow with historic significance. The Niwas, with a library, sales outlet and space for meditation is open from 0900 hrs to 1900 hrs.

Sri Aurobindo was an Indian nationalist, freedom fighter, philosopher and poet. Before developing his own vision of human progress and spiritual evolution, he was one of the most important leaders among the freedom fighters of India.