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Jain Group of Temples, Pavagadh Hill

Champaner is a popular town situated at the foot of Pavagadh Hill in the state of Gujarat, India. Famed for the Mahakali Temple dedicated to goddess Mahakali, the Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is is worth a visit as the place has been listed among UNESCO World Heritage Site. Climb up the Pavagadh Hill to get the real picture of the surrounding areas that will tell you a mix of interesting geology, mythology, religious confluence and history about this place.

Featured in this video is the ruin of various Jain temples situated in Pavagadh hill. It is a good opportunity for archaeological enthusiasts to be here to know various facts about these ruined structures.

How to reach:-
Nearest Railway station: Vadodara Railway Station, about 50 km
Nearest Airport: Vadodara Airport, about 44 km