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Kamani Masjid at Champaner

Champaner is an ancient city situated on the foothills of Pavagadh in Gujarat state of India. A gateway to the rich cultural heritage of the state, Champaner displays numerous monuments of ancient times. Featured here is the Kamani Masjid, an ancient mosque which is now in a dilapidated state. Only a few domes and columns of this mosque remain now.

Basically two types of constructions are most distinguished in Champaner; beam-column-dome system and arch-dome system. Kamani Masjid comes under arch-dome system mainly because of its pillared construction full of Kaman or arches.

How to reach:-
Nearest Railway station: Vadodara Railway Station, via Vadodara - Halol Hwy, 49 km
Nearest Airport: Vadodara Airport, via Vadodara - Halol Hwy, 50 km