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Ksheeradhara - Medicated Milk Bath Treatment in Ayurveda

Dhara is one of the most prominent treatment methods in Ayurveda, a sacred medical system in India. In this treatment, medical decoctions or oils are poured on the patient’s body. Dhara alleviates fatigue, lack of vitality, improves memory and restores the equilibrium of doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).

This treatment is also effective in insomnia, chronic headaches like migraine, ear and nose diseases, neuropathy, spondylitis, etc. The nature of dhara varies according to the nature of the substance used. If milk is used, it is known as Ksheeradhara (pouring of milk). Milk of both cow and buffalo are used in the treatment and the milk will be mixed with herbal decoctions. At least two attendants are needed to carry out the treatment. This is done in seven standard positions.