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Roses from the mist, Himachal Pradesh

Literally meaning the land of snowy mountains, Himachal Pradesh is located at the foot of the majestic Himalayas. The state is a traveller’s delight having a mesmerizing natural beauty with its rivers, forests, valleys, hills and dales.

The flora of Himachal Pradesh is diverse and unique. About 67% of the total area is covered by forests. Trees like figs, pines, deodars and oaks are commonly found here.

On the slopes of Himalayas, one may see many meadows and pastures. With the onset of the spring season, there bloom everywhere flowers of different hues and smells. While wild flowers add a bit of rustic charm to the state, there are flowers like gladioli, carnations, marigolds, tulips and lilies, which are carefully cultivated. Efforts are also on to popularize the flowers of Himachal Pradesh in the international market.

And, what about the ever-charming roses? They are also one of the favourites of the floriculturists of the state. Roses of a variety of shapes, sizes and colours are cultivated here.