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Ram Vandana - Chali Nach, Satriya dance

Ram Vandana is a dance bit in Satriya, a classical dance form which originated in Majuli island situated amidst the Brahmaputra River in Assam, the northeastern state of India. This video shows the play Ram Vandana which starts with Chali Nach, one of the most distinguished forms of Satriya dance.

Satriya being a popular art form represents not only the culture and tradition of the island of Majuli but the entire region of Assam. This elegant art form has its own importance in the history of classical dance.

This particular dance has been composed in Shree Raag and was written by Shri Sankara Deva. The dance is rendered by Anita Sharma, a well-known artiste in Satriya. This DVD is developed by Invis Multimedia and is available at