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Mohiniyattam by Dr. Deepthi Omcherry Bhalla - Part I

Mohiniyattam is a traditional and classical form of dance said to have originated in the gods own country, Kerala, in India. This dance form is around a thousand years old and was performed by women mostly in temples and royal courts.

It expresses the intense feminine love with graceful steps. Mohiniyattam literally means the ‘Dance of the enchantress’. This dance form is a fusion of Bharatanatyam and Kathakali as it has some resemblance to these two art forms.

This video features ‘Swathi Padam’, a piece of dance form in Mohiniyattam which praises Lord Vishnu.

Mohiniyattam by Dr. Deepthi Omcherry Bhalla, is a DVD developed by Invis Multimedia at Thiruvananthapuram and for more details on this product, visit.