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Rajrappa temple at Jharkhand

Rajrappa temple, situated at the confluence of rivers Damodar and Bhairavi, popularly known as Bhera is enroute to Ranchi from Bokaro. Rajrappa, a popular Hindu pilgrim centre, is located close to Rajrappa falls in Jharkhand.

The temple is dedicated to Chinnamasta (the beheaded Goddess Kali) one of the ten forms of Mother Goddess - Durga. The headless statue of Goddess Chinnamasta stands upon the bodies of Kamdev (the god of Love) and Rati (Kamdev’s consort) on a lotus bed.

The architectural style of the temple is very old and is the same as that of other temples of tantrik importance. It is believed that one can attain all one's desires by worshipping goddess Chinnamasta.